Fire. The wheel. Sliced bread. The microprocessor. Transformative inventions and discoveries that changed lives. And now, the first REAL Hoverboard, thanks to Arx Pax Maglev technology.


The video strategy aimed to evoke the wonder and limitless imagination of a child by telling the story of the Hendo Hoverboard through the eyes of a curious young inventor. By using cool-temperature lighting, slow-motion shots in 4k resolution, and inspirational music, we were able to connect viewers with their inner child. We kept the script minimal and let the visuals do the talking. In fact, the only two words spoken in the narrative highlighted the message we wanted the audience walking away with: “It’s real.” To wrap up the video, we introduced the audience to the founders, shared details about about the Kickstarter campaign and let them know how to get involved.

The campaign included Tony Hawk to satisfy skate fans, tech geeks, and gamers everywhere. Hawk, had appeared in a fake hoverboard video in 2014 alongside Moby, Terrell Owens, and Dr. Emmett Brown himself, was able to unveil the real deal.

*Work performed at Sterling Communications and remains their highest performing video.




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